Yesterday 9 people were killed and 1,153 people were injured in the United States as a direct result of distracted driving (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). If you have not realized it yet, people are dying and being injured at an epidemic rate because car companies and technology companies have sold you and your loved ones a never unplugged lifestyle. A lifestyle that endangers anyone who just happens to be in your path of travel. And the facts get worse, because studies show (University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute & Toyota 2012) that if you are a parent and you drive distracted, your children are 2-4 times more likely to drive distracted.

So what should you do? The facts mandate that you step back and unplug. Ask yourself, what’s truly important in life? Then educate yourself, and your loved ones about the risks of distracted driving. Lastly, demand from your representatives that the traffic laws on the books be enforced, and that much needed new laws about distracted driving be introduced, passed, and implemented.